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PONTONI.BG is a trademark of Rigel Invest Ltd. – a company with many years of experience in the construction of floating structures. The company operates in Varna and the region as well as in the whole country. The many successful projects and satisfied customers testify to the high quality and professionalism of our services.




The pontoons are cubes with excellent buoyancy, 50x50x40 cm in size, made of highly resistant high density PE with very good UV resistance. They represent modules from which, with the right connections, floating structures can be made unlimited in shape and size.
The load capacity of the standard pontoons is 350 kg / m2
They can be used for docks and jetties, swimming pools in water spaces, trails and bridges, caches and fishponds, foundations of houses on water.

The cost of a house on water depends of several components:

  1. Price of the pontoon structure 200-250 € / m2 depending on the input elements according to the investor’s wish – rails, etc.
  2. Value of the substructure mounted on the pontoons for the installation of the house about 100 € / m2
  3. Cost of the house itself about 200-250 € / m2 depending on the stage of the finishing works
According to the manufacturer’s information, the trouble-free operation will be at least 20 years.
Almost none but cleaning. With reference to the temperature extensions of the air they are filled with, it may be necessary to expand the side plug to equalize the cube pressure.
Usually they are blue, yellow and orange, but if client wants another color, they can be specially crafted.
You can, but after a special instruction from the installer and purchase the necessary tools for installation.
The construction of the pontoons takes place quickly, it takes a little longer to anchor or attach them to the shore.
Withstand sea excitement up to 6 balls.
If the pontoon structure is operated, lived or walked by people, it must be equipped with rescue means – a life belt, a vest, etc., there must be rails indicating lighting and complying with the requirements of the local administration.

Our Clients



Pontoon service construction

Imerys Minerals Bulgaria AD

Imerys Minerals Bulgaria AD

Pontoon service platform

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy

Pontoon boat dock

 Toplofikacia Ruse AD

Toplofikacia Ruse AD

Pontoon platform

Municipality Dospat

Municipality Dospat

Pontoon bridge platform


Pontoon platform with engine


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