The floating pontoon system is unique with its speed of execution, functionality in shaping and ecology. In case of proper exploitation, it can function seamlessly for 30 years or more, and maintenance requires almost no cost.

1. FP – 50/50 / 40 cm – 350kg / m2 – Load capacity. Extremely easy installation and great mobility allow easy movement and configuration change. This maximizes the number of berths, as well as a variety of aesthetic solutions. The special form of the pontoon – V – allows the parking of small boats, yachts and jets on them. They can be installed in any place where there is water and any shoreline. Bottom anchorage allows seamless operation and great security even in places where there is a stronger intensity of water movement – tides, currents. These pontoons are a completely ecological product. They are made of High Molecular Polyethylene with high density and resistance HMWHDPE, UV protection and non-slip surface. Absolutely harmless to water and flora. Except for marinas, this makes them suitable for kennels, aquariums, swimming pools and so on.

2. CPS – in standard container size, 5 tons – load capacity.

This type of pontoons, with its high load capacity of 5 tons, one of its high heights and a specially-made durable link – RPC can be widely used as a mobile base for marine construction as well as Break Water Systems.
Last but not least, we would point out that, in addition, the use of these pontoons allows extra savings and funds because of their extremely competitive price compared to the conventional construction of polymer concrete slopes.

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