The pontoon cubes and elements are made of highly resistant PE with high density and UV protection. This is a relatively new technology designed to have a wide range of usage. They are produced and transported on separate items. Assembling them into construction is quick and robust as long as it is done by a specialized brigade. They can build boats and yachts, waterbeds, cage farms, paths and bridges, house water bases, and many other applications. The uniqueness of Pontoon prefabricated structures, apart from their multifunctional application, is that they are built quickly, easily, steadily, beautifully at an affordable price. It is enough to keep in mind a few things. Their load capacity is around 350 kg / m2. If the project requires a wooden coating on the pontoons, a metal framework is first to be made, which is attached to the pontoon cubes and the wooden elements – beams or boards are placed on it. Pontoon structures are fixed in a number of ways: by metal construction or pylons – this allows the pontoons to move up, downward when the water level rises with a rope on the shore or anchored in the water.

It is important that pontoon cubes are anti-slip coatings, UV protected, they are not affected by salt or fresh water, do not burn and are on top and do not pollute nature.

I – Construction of yachts and boats.

Building itself will take only a few days. In order to prepare a bid, it is necessary to present a conceptual sketch of how you want the construction to look like – the dimensions and the shape to provide all the necessary elements of the railing, anchors or gripping to the shore or to the pylons. It is also necessary to know how many boats are planned to stop – in order to provide the knees. Keep in mind that the predominant color is blue, but yellow or orange or other color can be provided.

II – House on Water

Once you have an installation permit, you need to think about how you want to reach the house – by boat or bridge, then sketching the idea for a complete and accurate offer.



III – Another interesting application of pontoons is the construction of pools in water areas, cage farms, fishponds, paths and bridges. The constructions can be enclosed with special rails as they are in the kit for safe operation. In case a bridge is built for passing cars, it is recommended the pontoons to be covered with a unified wooden frame in a metal frame.


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